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Amazing fishing day

October 7, 2021 by Duncan Jones

We made it: big game fishing in Mallorca. With the crew of Fishing in Mallorca. We have had an amazing trip. First time we stepped onto the boat, we knew toni is very serious about this kind of fishing. Perfectly equipped, top notch, high-end rods and reels, comfortable and amazingly spacious boat and the newest fish finders and material. One tuna was the dream. But we didn't know that we will end up with three!!!! Three tunas in one trip. The captain had these powerful fish under control all of the time. We landed all three after hard but insanely fun fights safely, tagged, measures and released them carefully again. What an incredible experience! We hooked the first tuna right in front of our eyes. Directly under our feed. Our hearts stopped.

Deep sea fishing in Mallorca.

July 21, 2021 by Joshua Sola

We went out with Toni and had an incredible fishing experience. We caught two beautiful tunas over 200lbs and tagged and released them. Me and my family will definitely go again in the summer.
I can recommend this to beginners as well as experts, because Toni explain the fighting technique from beginning to end. The boats are luxurious and spacious and the equipment is the newest and best there is.

Two Hours To Tuna! In Alcudia, Majorca

July 10, 2017 by webmaster

Two Hours To Tuna!

Highly Recommended Trip!!

August 10, 2016 by LeanderCa

My two favourite Mallorquin brothers run one of the greatest cruises Mallorca has to offer! With incredible knowledge about the island, and its best fishing spots, Toni and Vincente will blow your mind. Three times on the ship, and never a disappointment - every time we catch huge Tunas, laugh lots and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this incredible island and ocean. Not only will you fight for a good hour with a fantastic underwater beast, but you will be able to release it back into the water and see it race back into the deep blue - an experience like no other. I can only recommend "Fishing in Mallorca" above any other offers on the island. Will be back in October - see you boys then!

Insane day!!!!

June 20, 2016 by Anónimo

Insane day on the Carpe Diem: in one hour we caught 3 tuna weighing 75kg, 110kg and 114kg.All tag and released. Thanks to the most experienced tuna fisherman on the island: Toni Riera and Vicens Riera.

Amazing Fishing Experience

August 2, 2015 by Scott B

On July 27th 2015, we set out with Captain Toni Riera for a full day trip to find a giant Tuna. Toni's experience and knowledge are amazing. The boat, the fishing gear are outstanding and well maintained. If your goal is to catch a giant Tuna don't try fishing with anyone but Toni. We spent the majority of the day tracking fish and chumming for the tuna. We hooked and boated a nice Blue Fin Tuna - 95kg then tagged and released. What an amazing experience.

Super hit !!!

July 9, 2015 by Kelly R

My husband and I went with Toni and giant tuna fishing sailor, thoroughly enjoyed the treatment, professionalism and friendliness of both. In October we booked two days apart to catch a huge fish they explained everything about life in Mallorca and curiosities in Mallorca! Undoubtedly they exceeded all our expectations!

Fishing Obsession

June 21, 2015 by Constantin C.

Toni is the man for giants! In three trips I caught three Bluefin Tuna of 70kg, 60kg, and 97kg, endless big mackerels, a big St. Petersfish and a Little Thunny of almost 20kg. The Trip is not only floating around on the surface and waiting for a bite, its more a Deep Sea Safari: hunting and jumping Swordfish, Dolphins, gigantic Sunfish and hunting Tunas that come to the surface, directly in front of your eyes to swallow the chum.

Toni knows the sea like no other and will bring you to the fish. He scans the ground, reads the currents, winds, moon-cycles and goes after the fish with a great passion and obsession.

The Bluefin Tuna population seems stable around the Island of Mallorca. I was astounded by the masses of fish.

I will go as often as possible, to try to catch a powerful Tuna of more than 200kg that will make you feel every single muscle of your body.

Thank you Toni, for three fantastic trips and many more to come!

Fantastic Day!

June 9, 2015 by Jenna S

My husband and thoroughly I enjoyed the day with Toni and his seaman! Toni has lots of stories and is very kind and helpful. We fished for most of the day, almost catching a big one, and ended our day with swimming at a crystal clear secluded beach area, where you can only get to with a boat.

I would definitely recommend Toni and his services to anyone, and would love to go back if we make it back to Mallorca!

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