Fishing Obsession

June 21, 2015 by Constantin C.

Toni is the man for giants! In three trips I caught three Bluefin Tuna of 70kg, 60kg, and 97kg, endless big mackerels, a big St. Petersfish and a Little Thunny of almost 20kg. The Trip is not only floating around on the surface and waiting for a bite, its more a Deep Sea Safari: hunting and jumping Swordfish, Dolphins, gigantic Sunfish and hunting Tunas that come to the surface, directly in front of your eyes to swallow the chum.

Toni knows the sea like no other and will bring you to the fish. He scans the ground, reads the currents, winds, moon-cycles and goes after the fish with a great passion and obsession.

The Bluefin Tuna population seems stable around the Island of Mallorca. I was astounded by the masses of fish.

I will go as often as possible, to try to catch a powerful Tuna of more than 200kg that will make you feel every single muscle of your body.

Thank you Toni, for three fantastic trips and many more to come!